In several cases, after a new system has been implemented, SAP inclusive, it has been observed that organizations are often challenged by the use of the technology. And this we have found to be hindered by factors such as:
  1. Culture,
  2. Lack of willingness to change,
  3. Training gap,
  4. But most especially, insufficient skillful personnel to use the system
Our observation of this occurrence in both local and International organizations, led us into putting together, a strong Post Implementation Support Team, Comprising of individuals, who are highly skilled in various modules of SAP, with wealth of several years of experience in various Industries.
Our support Team works with your organization leading you through the transition periods and beyond, training the process owners, instilling in them enough knowledge to enable them perform their day-to-day processes efficiently and also, to be able to handle a first and second level trouble shooting of the system without supervision.