Since its Incorporation, QCG LIMITED has defined for itself a vision which anchors all its efforts, a mission towards its major stakeholders and values to guide its actions.


We are committed to providing quality products and services delivered by highly competent professionals.
We are innovators supported by excellent delivery models committed to providing solid and consistent performance to our stakeholders.


  • To Customers
    We foster long term partnership with our customers by providing business solutions, playing a significant role in their value chain and strengthening their competitive position.
  • People
    We attract competent and highly-skilled professionals and develop potential talents to provide utmost quality in the delivery of solutions and services.” “We develop an organization with an environment conducive to individual and professional growth.
  • Stockholders (Performance)
    We consistently deliver our targets to ensure immediate Return on Investments (ROI) and sustain business growth.


  • Excellence: Discipline of achieving the very best in our work and not tolerating mediocrity.
  • Integrity: Conduct of our business according to professional Ethics and corporate governance of honesty and good corporate citizenship
  • Teamwork: Collaboration with various members of QCG LIMITED through openly sharing information, expertise and resources with the team and by putting group goals ahead of individual goals
  • Sense of Urgency: Heightened awareness of response time and responsibility towards delivering according to committed schedule.
  • Innovation: Thrives on change, ingenuity, and creativeness. Embraces change, constantly seeks new ideas and technology and immediately applies solutions that are relevant to our customers and to our organization.
  • Experience: Our experience has afforded us the opportunity to integrate tools and techniques minimizing risk through combined experience and ‘lessons learned’.